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Sunday, August 8, 2021

merchant on India By creating an account, you can Through UPI application can accept payment

Used for digital transactions goes to a merchant on India By creating an account, you can Through UPI application can accept payment you don't have any charge for Had to give an account on India To create your own mobile number has to be entered After you choose your account In whichever bank you have to take account you will choose that

This is your account details fetch will make you wait like see here account holder name IFSC code and branch number The name has come if you use it
If you want to do this then you click on but if you use it

If you don't want to then you use here a difference on the bank account

By clicking manually bank enter the account number IFSC code

We can also use If you use this, then on this

Will click the bank in front of you details will come you confirm them

Will yes bank account successfully linked now

You will continue here now your business or shop

You have to enter the name of you will type below here

Will choose business category In which category is your business

Here comes all the categories You will choose like

That here we choose After that here you choose

Will shop type is permanent Or is it temporary then we are here

Will choose permanently and you will continue for free

Quarcode order which can Within forty-eight hours

Sent to your address If you go to whichever address

You need Quar code that is complete address you will put here and

Will confirm your has been successfully placed

and within forty-eight hours Inside Quarcode to your address

Will be sent to you You will get a packet of methods like this

You will get Quarcode in the packet as if i received it only yesterday

You have a welcome in this guide is given in which you can see

You can do that with Bharat Pay what can you do here

You can see all payment app You can accept payment from

Which is absolutely free do not pay any charge to you

And at the same time you will will also get instant settlement

Meaning that as soon as the customer gives you your bank will pay

Transfer money to the account and here it is yours

Quar code In this you have two codes are given that you are here

Can see as well as your shop Name of you also on Quar code

You will find it written here will cut from and in your shop

Will stick and this is one you will paste and over here 

Voucher has been given on which it is written It has happened that the payments of all the apps

Here X is done for you To paste it in the shop first you

Take it apart like here But I separated a QR code

And a cover behind it You have been given this cover.

If you separate it, you will You can stick it in your shop

You have an account on India from here You can turn alerts on or off

As soon as you have any payment If you do, you will get an alert

In India pay balance you own You can see the balance today

How much is collected below Here you can see the transaction

Snd here you see the settlement Can you know how much balance you have?

Transferred to account Below you have to recharge and

Bill options are also given From here you can visit any of your shop

Kind of recharge or bill pay If you can swipe machine

If you want then you click on India Swipe You will swipe India from here

Can order the machine by which you debit your customer

Through card and credit card You can also take payment in this

So you don't have to pay any transaction fees have to give and neither do you have to

You have to pay rent from here order by clicking on order

You can click on loans You can take loan in Bharat Pay

Loan up to Rs 7 lakh Facility has been given which is complete

Depends on your way civil score and your documents

But here you can check your PAN Card number and get by entering the PIN code of the shop

Will click on loan if your will be available at the location

You can apply in this to open interest account

Facility has also been given in which you can Twelve on your deposited money

Can take interest of percent The details are given here Here is a calculator If you put ten lakh rupees in it If you invest then in a year you one lakh twenty thousand rupees If you get extra then whatever money you get You will invest here on that you have twelve percent interest promised but By investing you money in it should be avoided because it is their own not service but this lane work here through the give club

Let's do this account here Compared to FD which is

Absolutely wrong because in FD exactly the money invested is safe while interest
of account if you have term and If you read the conditions then you will will find that invested in money is not safe these people lane If you invest in giving club If you want to invest in

You have direct transaction from the club

Can invest on their website by visiting in which you up to seventeen percent
If interest is given then here But in your interest account should avoid investing
because your money is safe in it not here on line three If you click the menu in front of you Your Quarcode will appear in the menu Also given here order By clicking on the Quar sticker and

You can also order stickers for free Click on your Quarcode below

You can see your Quarcode by doing and from here you can download it You can also do the above here Click on account number So some settings come in front of you As the settlement will go to you

How should instant if you as soon as you choose customer will pay you direct transfer to your bank account will be the end of you if you want the day can also choose what will happen in that throughout the day whatever you receive payment

Will do that at the end of the day for you
transfer to bank account

I think the end of the day option is better
because whatever you do throughout the day the one who receives the payment Your bank in the same transaction will be transferred to the account because if you instant day if you choose settlement Any transaction throughout all those will be your bank will show in the statement and Here by clicking on the setting icon

You can also change the bank account so in this way you can For digital transactions at the shop You can use Bharat Pay application

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