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Sunday, August 8, 2021

How to online shop or business in digital

In today's time your shop or business to be digital It is important that your customer you should have options to make a digital payment that he You get Google Pay phone on Amazon Pay or any UPI application So today you can pay through Pay or any UPI application so today you can pay through In this post I will give you details I'm gonna tell you

How within five minutes Make the shop or business digital

and from your customer you can Can take unlimited payment start without any charges do In the same of the I have you phone paper business The link of the application has been given

  • Fast of all download it directly from play store

It will download on opening to access your location

You will ask for permission Here you will click on sign up

Will do your full name here

Down here you will put your

Mobile number will enter mobile You have to enter the same number as

By number you have phone paper Your account is created

An OTP will come on the mobile number which it automatically detects

After that just you here Click on continue registration

From here you have to do your own shop
You have to map the address of

If you are in your shop then this automatically to your address

Will detect here but If it is not detected correctly

if you do this way With the help of pointer to your shop

would point as if Our shop is here so here it is

We will point it out and complete the address will come down here

Will check properly and will click on save here

You will enter your business name If you have a shop then you shop

Name as you would type Let's do Bengali dost from here

Which category will you choose? Category is your business then

Here we are healthcare and let's choose wellness

After that on save and continue will click you now from here

Choosing your bank account in which bank you make payment

Eant to take like phone We have DBS account in pay

So over here we'll scroll and DBS will search this is DBS bank then we take it for you on your own here

By doing you here your transactions can see on settlements

You can see that by clicking how much amount your bank account

I have settled and here If you click on profile then you will get

You will get a lot of options Here on the manage store listing

By clicking you can go to your store From here you can manage You can also add a photo and From this you can also know its address. You can change it here Have you manage Quarcodes on this If you click then from here you will get your Quarcode can be down view

Click on Quar to see it Your Quar code is hereClick on download PDF, Download it in PDF Your Quar code on your shop Or write the name of your business

What happens to you with this Quar code?

WhatsApp free charge on phone Google Pay Paytm or Any UPI take payment through application you can print it And someone has to put it on your shop Also customer own any UPI will scan it from the application.and will pay you directly
That payment in this application

Will come and automatically your bank will be transferred to the account

You can do this without any charges Can print at any shop and after printing you You can put this in your shop

Here by clicking on the three dot we can send anyone who will click on send file way to send You will choose from here on send Click on Quar Code PDF I will send it to this open by direct you from anywhere Niti can pay here no one for you notification. number can be added even when Even if someone will pay you then one

Notification then your this number but if you someone else If you want to add number also you add on notification receiver Click here mobile number on which you will enter notification want payment and click on confirm here Will give it to you in that situation It will be very useful when your shop many boys worked and they If everyone has to take payment then you

Confirm by entering their number here whenever a customer does will pay then their mobile number also get notification

Will check that the payment is done here
By clicking on manage users you Users can create on plus sign Click here What role will you name him? Want to give manager agent or financial OPS that you from here would choose as if you

If you make him an agent, then he will can access the dashboard And see your and Quar codes while if you If you make a manager then he will can only see the transactions In addition to that transaction Can also refund and Quar Also add and update the code as we can agent If you want to make, you will choose the agent After that click on select

Here his mobile number and
Enter email ID and add new

If you click on the user then he will to application on phone

By downloading it your own If you login by entering the mobile number, then the same rights will come in front of it. If he will pay then he will go Bengali dost will be written in front that he pays Bengali dost It's here below to help you section is given as if ever

How to delete phonepe business account

If so then you can take help from here for which you have to create a ticket whatever problem you have to do That you will choose here Like if you got from Quarcode If there is any problem related then you can do this and click on below
Get the option of contact us here
If you click on it will go

From here you can chat online
Can you create a ticket?

With this you will get full support here
Will be given through Quar code

Here I am paying you
show as you

Google on phone with customer
Pay or any application

He will scan your Quar code
either he can scan or if

If you have sent to him then
He can take it from the gallery here

But we have a part of our Quar code
let's take a screenshot oh ha

payment payment bank account payment customer

your UPI okay payments,

customer bank account
application bank account

will transfer as well as customer
Can also give you rating like

that we have five star rating here
give half phone on

open business application
If you do then look here

Have a hundred rupees for you today
A transaction has been done here

If you click on transactions
you can see it is complete

and that's where this hundred
rupees instantly our bank

account has been transferred
Let me login and show you

I give this our DVS bank
account which is our link

from business account on phone
Here you can see

hundred rupees our bank
have been deposited in the account

Your phonePe business
You have to create an account

Must have an account in PhonePe
If you haven't your PhonePe yet

I have not created an account
So I made a separate video on that

is made, you see that and
First, you can register yourself in PhonePe.

Create an account after that you
PhonePe Ease of Business

Create an account in the same way
can and from your customer

Can do digital transactions if
Your customer will give you phone pay

Many times if you pay through
He also gets a lot of cashback

by which you get full payment
and your customer's benefit too

happens so I hope you understand now
How did you go about your shop?

five minutes to your business
can make digital inside

and you from your customer
can transact digital.

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