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Friday, July 9, 2021

What is PRINTER meaning

Printar Aamataur Par Upayog Kiya Jaane Vaala Aautaput Divais Hai. Printar Aautaput Kee Ek Haard kopee Kee Anumati deta Hai Jise Baad Ke Sandarbh Ke Lie Sangraheet Kiya Ja Sakata Hai. baajaar Mein Kaee Tarah ke Printar Upalabdh Hain.

Classifying Printers

Printers classified according to:

  1. Speed
  2. Print quality
  3. Printing method


Printers may print a character at a time-such printers are called serial printers-or a line at a time Printers may be as slow as 600 characters per minute for some home computer printers or as fast as 21,000 lines per minute for some laser printers. There are also machines that are page printers-they print a page at a time-but they may be low-speed or high-speed. Low-speed page printers are often laser printers, and are very common in offices. High-speed page printers use xerographic, photographic, or laser technologies; are very expensive, costing many thousands of dollars, and are used in large businesses for very specialized applications.


Printers may be draft quality or letter quality.

Draft quality printers

Dot matrix printers construct a character by using a matrix of pins. This character cons truction follows the principle of time-and-temperature signs, or the scrolling displays used on some trains: The same matrix or grid may be used to construct a variety of numbers. Although some dot matrix printers can print letter-quality images, others produce images with a somewhat fuzzy appearance-acceptable for certain kinds of work, such as writing internal memos to your boss, but not for impressing customers of the bank

Letter quality printers

These produce printed characters that resemble those produced by an office typewriter. The 'letter quality' designation means they can produce print of a good enough quality to write letters to, for instance, bank customers. Letter-quality printers are generally more expensive than dot matrix printers.


Printers can be either impact printers or non-impact printers.

An impact printer forms characters by physically striking a type device-a hammer-against inked ribbon to form characters on paper; in other words, it is like a typewriter.

Non-impact printers form characters by using heat, lasers, photography, or ink spray, often on a special kind of electrostatic or sensitized paper. Because there is no physical contact between printer and paper, non-impact printers are generally quieter than impact printers.

Impact Printers

There are five basic designs for impact printers: chain, band, drum, matrix, and daisy wheel. The differences between these designs is the manner in which the characters are transferred from the type elements to the paper.

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