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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Google will launch a new app to provide accurate health information

Bengelidost is back with Google Health App. hope you are doing well and have enjoyed our last Aritcal. Google is working on a new app, which is going to be launched soon. This application allows people to search medical records online. The application will collect the user's medical history records from various health facilities. In such a situation, users will be able to get their health information with a single click.

Health information can be found online

According to the report of 91 mobile, I am working on the new Google Health app. Many screenshots have been leaked from Google about this new app. The report states that Google's new app will collect details from different healthcare providers in one place. In such a situation, on going to the doctor, the user will be able to present all his reports to the doctor as a mobile record. For this, users will have to increase their online account in the app. Also the doctor should be shown and the place report should be kept on record. In addition, reports received from labs and other medical health services should be uploaded on the app.

Google's new Health app will provide users with the option to share their health reports with friends and family. However, Google is currently testing the Health app. Many reports have already been written about the Google Health app

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