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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How to open India Post Payment Bank

India Post Payment Bank has launched a digital payment service, Dakpay, you can transact money without any charges, so we will discuss this in this article and explain to you how to use Dakpay, so let's start keep following the given steps below.

First of all, you have to download it on start from play store. link here

After that open the app and suck your sim card which sim card linked to your bank account

After that your number will be ful fied. For this, you should have a balance of at least ₹ 1 in your mobile,

After that you have to create a profile in which you will suck your first name last name email id date of birth And select gender,

After that you have to suck a passcard and Click on register now you will see your UPI has been successfully created

After that you will click on continue to Link your Bank account

After that you have to suck your banks which you want to link like i select SBI that All the accounts you have in the bank will appear in front of you,

You will click on the account that you want to link, if the UPI PIN is not already set, then you will be setting it

For which you will have to add the last six digit number to your debit card.
(And also you will have to remember the expiry date)

After that you will get an OTP, you will enter the OTP here,

After that you will have to enter your PIN,

After that you can set your UPI PIN, there you will set the PIN whichever UP you come to. You can't send money without putting it on a transaction. You can send someone

After setting the OTP ATM PIN and UPI PIN, you will click on OK,

After that you will have to enter the UPI PIN again to confirm, now your DakPay is completely ready,

How to create UPI is in DakPay app

Now you can transact money anywhere and you collect payment too You can do the above to check your mobile number oh UPI ID Click on Free Dot. After that you will get manu option in that you will click on manage UPI id

if you want to create a new UPI ID then click on plus icon below

After that you will get an option to create new UPI ID

And You will enter whatever UPI ID you want to clear and below you will also get many suggestions and once you have created it,

You will click on Check UPI, if it is available then you will get the bank account in front of you.

The option will come with which account you want to link that UPI,

You can do it here, then you will suck your bank and click on the link below, then your UPI ID will be created (Now if anyone transfers money on this UPI ID, then it will come in this account.)

If you want to transfer money to someone, then you have to click on your Payment option,

After that you will be given three options there, you can send money to someone by typing their UPI ID here or you can transfer money to your bank account. Apart from that, you can also send money through the contract, as if you want to transfer from UPI, then you will type the UPI ID of the person twhom you want to send money, after that below you will put the amount as much as the amount you want to transfer.

How to Add Multiple account in Dakpay

If you have linked more than one account, then you will use the bank account to which you want to send the stolen money,

After selecting the bank, you will continue after that one over will also come in front of you that how much money you are transferring and Rest of the details will also come,

After that click on confirm, after that you will enter your UPI pin which you set,

After that your transfer will be completed successfully, you can also share this receipt by clicking on share button above.

How to Delete Account UPI or bank in Dakpay

Many more options are given below such as. For example, by clicking on the account, you can see how many accounts you have linked, if you want to have more than one account, then you can keep if you want to delete, you can delete if you want to delete any bank account then you will click on three dot

You can delete it by clicking on delete option or you can create new UPI ID and delete it.

And you can also check your bank account balance by clicking on this and press option given there. For that you will have to click on the refresh button and enter your UPI PIN, then you will be able to see how much balance is in your account, if you want to link more than one bank account, then you will click on the plus icon and all your banks The list of keys will appear in front of you, you will click on whatever bank account you want to link, in this way you can link all your bank accounts, then in this way you can also make payment from the Dakpay and receive

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