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Monday, June 28, 2021

How to setup and use WhatsApp business account

Business WhatsApp personal More features than WhatsApp as if in this you auto Can add reply to catalogue You can add your profile If you can share the link too then today that in this Post i guide you I'm gonna do business WhatsApp How to use let's start.

How to Use Business whatsapp

  1. In this like Personal WhatsApp also by entering a mobile number
  2. Account is created First of all here you
  3. Creating business profile for which you will be here for your
  4. Everyone will enter business name This business name show to the users
  5. like here i put I give Bengali Dost below here
  6. But you will choose the category Which category is your business
  7. Comes in all categories you Here you will get more option
  8. But if you click then from here you description and business
  9. There is also an option to enter the address
  10. Will go here description type Will do about your business I will write over here
  11. Logo of your business or any Will add profile image first
  12. You have to go to settings For which click on three dot
  13. Will click on settings In this you will get one of the business tools
  14. You will get the option, click on it In this you will get the first option
  15. You will get the business profile of this But you will click from here
  16. How to add Business name and Description In WhatsApp
  17. Your business name business
  18. Fescription of business
  19. location and business You can add category and after
  20. Anytime you click here you can edit them
  21. Second option is catalogue here from your products and services
  22. Second option is catalogue here from your products and services
  23. Can create a catalog of For this you will click on add item
  24. By clicking on add images you of your products or services
  25. You can add photos like i have clicked this photo
  26. Okay if you want more You can also add images here

How to Add product name

But you will enter the name of the item You can also choose your product or service put the name of here below you put the price here Optional is you click on the fields If you do, you will get more fields will go as you describe add any link
and you can also specify the code of the item After that you can save If you click on catalog will be ready

Here is the catalogue It is pending as approved If it is done then it will be for the public. will go live and no one see this in whatsapp catalogue in the same way you can here and can also add catalogue Click on the plus icon

way you would add in here image you get from the direct camera You can take product from gallery Will enter name and price of more by clicking on fields description & link & item You can also enter the code after this Click on save see here But this catalog was also added and our first catalogue has been approved so now is is available to the public

Also on our WhatsApp can view catalog Here's another catalog If it is approved then in this way from here as many as you want of products and services Create a catalogue that your will be shown on the profile after that You click on this away message If you do, from here you will be a

How to Reply masage Automatically

Can add automatic reply enable it whatever you want. you want to have automatic message you are here click on edit From here you will add can always schedule If you click on send then This message will always be saved when Somebody will send you any SMS here you can choose from Everyone has to send this message or only those people who

Address book is not saved Click on it to be the same Whenever someone sends you an SMS Automatically does this to him reply will go one is over here You click on the greeting message If you do, then you will greet from here You can add message to this enable any person When will message you for the first time
So this SMS will be sent to him whoever you would type here automatically he has a reply. You will save in quick replies

  • by adding quick replies from here like if you have any
  • Will write thanks to him automatically this message stand
  • You will be clicked on the place icon Do more like this here
  • Can add message that when Any one you have any particular word
  • Send this message by clicking send it automatically
  • Following is the short link click on it By doing this your WhatsApp profile
  • Can anyone share the link of also click on this link
  • Your profile in his WhatsApp will show and that direct your
  • Without saving you number message can view war
  • By clicking on the code you will get Quar code Can see this is your QR code
  • Anyone can scan it directly can scan you message
  • Here without saving your number by sharing your code with
  • Can scan someone else's code Here you have to scan code
  • From here you will by scanning someone else's code direct access to his profile can do the rest of you over here
  • All the options are given which are used in personal WhatsApp but business tool is a there is such a feature that you
  • Not in personal WhatsApp and from here you get your run the business well can be done whenever someone on your profile If you look at him in this way catalogues show will see all
  • By clicking on it all your can view catalogues and
  • By clicking on it direct you can message so I hope

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