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Saturday, June 26, 2021

How to make Your Own business online in dukaan app

In today's Post I will give you gonna tell things and both it is very helpful first of you your business your shop Absolutely free in five minutes how to take inside online Today we know that more than business offline grows online so your business must be your shop online should be and other thing I I'll tell you how without you one sitting at the house of an investment can do part time income andn both these things happened Because of shop application. So let's get started.

How to create account in dukaan app

  1. Fast of all Store application from Play Store click here to download link
  2. You in the Download of the Post You will also get your one in this
  3. Create online free store By entering the mobile number below for
  4. After that click on start Enter your business name
  5. In this you will choose the category You will get all categories
  6. Whatever category your store is in Comes, you choose that category
  7. Will store your successfully After that you have been created
  8. Products in your online store For which you have to add
  9. Click on the product You can either name the product
  10. Will put or readymade catalogues are also made for you
  11. Will choose from them such as click on readymade catalogues
  12. If you do, you can see enough If you have all the readymade catalogues
  13. If your store is from any of these related then you are readymade
  14. Will choose catalogues or else Here you can find the product name
  15. In this you will put the product key maximum you have to add images
  16. Can add up to eight images from the shop application
  17. Too many images have been given or So choose any of you image
  18. You can do this again with your camera by clicking on the icon
  19. Can upload any image Like I choose this image
  20. I'll take this one too after that save the product after
  21. You will choose the category below Will put MRP as in MRP
  22. I put four hundred rupees and selling price here

Own business online in dukaan app details

I'll put it in am three hundred rupees under After that you will enter the quantity Here you can find product details Click on add variants By doing this you can add more variants as you can size in it You can add size to it You can give the size like let's put excel of you size Price add here as well You can color in it too You can add more colors You can add here like If you have T-shirt different. So in different colors in size You can add it from here after seven continue and after add product then add your product
In the same way you will also be You can add products like Here I add another product Now we have stores too Have created products too have been added so now we can share on whatsapp

Share like this on whatsapp Your store will be shared in Your store link is also given anyone will click on it and Your store will come in front of it Also, all the products you have Added all those Products will also be shown to him And from here place that order Can order in application but if you click All the orders you get

Will come in front of you from this to those orders As much as you You have added products here You can see by clicking on the products Are. And that's what you do Products can add. I did Clicking on it will take you to your store
Can manage as you like You can open the discount And by clicking on the account below you Can see your profile. This I find you a lot of options Will go and that's you Referee and Arn will meet. This Links to your store application Hundred on each referral by sharing Things that can earn up to rupees Will come into your bank accounts.

How to add bank account in Dukaan app step by step

  • So first you add a bank account.
  • Click on End Account Will. In it if you want.
  • UKID and account holder You can save by adding half.
  • You can go straight to bank details Can put. Let's go to UP.
  • I save the IDC of which We will accept the terms later.
  • Click on Verify Bank Account Will. Your bank account.

Success will be Fly Aid. his Then you can share the link anywhere.

Like WhatsApp fees Book or you copy the link from here.

Will share it anywhere like i can share on whatsapp.

In this way the link will be shared.

Anyone by clicking on this link your in shop application.

Who will create the store He will also get the first order.

Twenty percent you will get up to hundred rupees whom you have.

The link is shared, that link Click on direct play.

Will come to the store and shop will install the application.

In this way he create his store will do you like I just.

The process is shown like this when He will get the first order and he.

Will confirm that see one If the order has been placed In this both reject and accept You get the option in this can choose delivery time in how much time are you doing this can deliver and accept
After that click on order When you have these goods with the customer you will deliver here

Will click on delivered and click on yes Mark as delivered After that to the customer You can also share the receipt
Now by clicking on share receipt Here we have shared the link did and a person linked us After created install from If he got the first order then our reward has also been added here is reward to claim Will click on claim reward and Look at it if you scratch In this you see twelve rupees. Have earned this money now directly to our bank account transfer will be done in this way in your shop application.own online store for free and you can create Earn good money by referring so you see how Within five minutes you to your shop absolutely free take online and shop if you have even then how do you sit at home online part time income Huh.

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