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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How to get Twitter account blue tick

How to make Twitter how to get blue tech on account

I got many requests is to verify the Twitter account Hey guys, Bengali dost is back with Twitter Account blue tik. have many twitter Must have seen accounts on which blue tech is blue tech After verifying the account only get this blue tech trust rises and discovers Is this account of any person of brand company organization official account is quite long Twitter account from time to time Stop the verification process was done but now follow the step below. it is started Twitter account verification For this you will open a browses

How to verify Twitter account step by step

In that you would type Twitter dot com because in application

This facility is not available now If you have Twitter in your browser

After that you have to type dot com You will login with your user ID

After entering the password, you will be here Click on more

You will get an option settings and privacy On this you click

You will do this on your account If you click, you will get a

Option will get account information you click on this

And you will in the information Can see verified of here

But an option is given and It has status no i.e. now

Our account is not verified So here you request verification

After that click on start Click on the request

To verify twitter account for you one of these

Should be of category such a You must be an activist or

Organization should be or must be influencer or

Having a company brand organization must entertainers or Being from the entertainment group government should be official Or with the government Must be an affiliate Should be a journalist or else Must be from news organization professional sport or else esport entity should be total If I put you in one line If you say you are a famous

  • You should have a personality only then Twitter account verified so here I go choose influencer
  • Because I'm a blogger so i choose influencer
  • After that what you have next category that you have chosen
  • Genuinely fall into that category You have to proof this
  • Choose one of these options Like Google Trends If you Google too much search is done then you
  • Will choose Google Trends Wikipedia article If you
  • I have an article on Wikipedia If it is written then you can see Wikipedia
  • Will choose the article if you news coverage has been given so you
  • These will choose the last six At least 3 links in a month
  • You have to provide that three You were given coverage in the news This is then you leadership website can choose if you have any

  • Website is youtube channel So you can choose this last option In this you will choose your website URL or your YouTube You can give the URL of the channel. After next you get one hashtag URL must be entered hashtag just you here to find You will search on the hashtag and you will put your username here

Meaning you have any such hashtag to find here

  • You have been mentioned be about you as if they would do it here then your
  • Verification request is submitted In the same way you will get this and option can also be selected As you choose Google Trends you can do it again
  • Who has to enter Google Trends
  • Search you on google by name Wikipedia article is done
  • If you choose then here You will find the link to the Wikipedia article
  • and if news coverage You will choose you in the news is covered so you are here Will put at least three links news
  • Which means even on the news web site You are covered from there
  • You will copy the link and at least Three links here you will find different
  • All the websites will have to be put After filling the details you
  • If you click on submit then your verification required submit

and it will take seven days time will take within seven days inside you'll find that you verification batch or No if you get verification batch is not found then you can apply again after a month can and reason therein।it would have been given that the verifications

You get verification batch then he goes to your Twitter will show on the account like this a blue on your twitter account tick show will mean this Will have to verify your account done and it's yours
If there is an official account then like this From you Twitter account can apply for verification

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