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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Lithium Ion Battery in Detail

Lead Team Ion Batteries So What Are Later Mine Batteries They Are a Form of Batteries That Use Lead Team Ion Movement For Charging And Discharging so they are Rechargeable Batteries And They're One of The Most Commonly Used Batteries Today Some Examples of The Uses are Smartphones Laptops Even Cars And They Are Very Similar to a Lead Acid Battery And in the Sense That They Have The Use of a Separator a Semipermeable Membrane.

Lithium Ion Battery

it Also Has a Very High Energy Density and is Relatively Light Lightweight For its Size The Electrodes That Are used in This Battery Are For The Cathode it is Usually a lithium metal oxide in this Case I'm Going to be using Lithium Cobalt Oxide And The Anode Uses Are Usually Graphite The Electrolyte is a Liam Salt with an Organic Solvent So Now.

How To Discharging And Charging Process Of Aattery Actually

Let's Move On To See How the Discharging And Charging Process Of The Battery Actually Works so let's look at how a lithium ion Battery Actually Works This is a simple model and the Cathode can be a lithium metal oxide I'm Using Lithium Cobalt Oxide For This And The Anode Can Be Graphite Now The Electrolyte Las To Be a Lithium Salt With an Organic Solvent and There is a Separator The Separator is a Semipermeable Membrane now.

What Happens In a Aattery Are Two Processors Charging And Discharging

During Discharging Ah This Equation Over Here Occurs At The Anode So There is Going To Be Liam Over Here At The Anode And They Will All Dissociate Into Lithium Ions As Well As Electrons Because The Liam Will Lose its Valence Electron Lose This Electron And it Will This Electron Will Pass Through a Wire And Go Over To The Positive Terminal So What Happens To Deleting Ions is Deleting Ya the Lithium Ions is it Moves Over To The Cathode Now

This is What Happens During Discharging What Happens You Can Charge is The exact opposite all the Li plus ions will Actually Move Back Towards The Anode And this Will be a Will act in The Opposite Manner So Yes so Liam ion Batteries Also Have a Few Advantages and Disadvantages the let's Move on To The Advantages The Advantges of The Lady Mind Battery is That it Has a Very High Energy Density.

Which Means That it Can Store a Larger Energy Per Unit Volume or Per Unit Mass Pompared To The Other Batteries And it's Almost Two Times That of The Nickel Cadmium Battery it is a Rechargeable Type of Battery Which Means That You Can Buy a Battery And Keep Recharging it Until its Battery Life is Over Ao it Also Has No Memory Effect Which Means That There's no need to Discharge Them Completely Before Recharging which Means That The Amount of Charge in the Battery Does Not Really Matter.

When You Recharge it it Also Can Handle Many Charge in The Start Cycles And it Holds its charge and it's it only Loses About 5% of Its Charge if You Want However Even Though Being a Very High Energy Density Battery it Has a Few Disadvantages The First Advantage is That it Only Lasts About Two to Three Years After Manufacture And it is Relatively Expensive Compared.

The Other Batteries It is Sensitive To The High Temperatures And if it is it's Complete if it is Completely Discharged it Can no Longer Be Recharged Again And the Only The Very Major Disadvantage of The Disk Battery is That if The Separator The Semipermeable Membrane in The Battery Gets Damaged And There is a Gap in it and the Electrodes Make Any Contact it Can Actually Burst Into Flames And Cause Very Bad Burns To a Person Using The Battery.

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