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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Lithium-ion Battery Chemistries PART 2

Hey guys, BengaliDost is back with Lithium-ion Battery Second Part, Hope You Are Doing Well And Enjoyed our Previous PostOK let’s explore Easy Explanation of Lithium-ion Battery Chemistries.

Lithium-ion Battery Chemistries

Industry To Prevent The Rusting of Iron So Procurement of Manganese Was Much Easier Than Cobalt Because of These Reasons Manganese Was Considered to Be a Much More Suitable Material for Mass Production of Lithium ion Batteries the working of a Manganese Lithium Battery is Similar to That of Lithium Cobalt Battery.

Lithium-ion Battery Chemistries PART 2

But The Construction is Different Here The Cathode is Made up of Manganese Dioxide and The Anode is Made up of Lithium The Ultralite is Made Up of a Mixture of Organic Solvents With a Polypropylene Separator The Working of This Type of a Battery is Similar To That of Lithium Cobalt The Difference is The Material Which is Used in The Anode And Cathode The Kithium Manganese Batteries Most Widely Used in Camcorders And Watches Because of Their Very Slow Discharge Rate The Third Type of Lithium-ion Batteries is Deal With EMI on Phosphate Batteries

Low Electrical Conductivity However

In The Mid-90s Research Was Done To Use This Metal as The Cathode Material Instead of Lithium Cobalt Oxide Initially This Battery Was Not Fully Accepted Into The Market Due To its Low Electrical Conductivity However This Problem Was Overcome in The Recent Years By Reducing The Particle Size and Coating it With an Electrically Conductive Material Kike Carbon Nanotubes This Battery Also Has a Very High Electrical and Thermal Stability Because of These Additions These

Batteries Have Really High Electrical.

Thermal Stability Now as Far As Applications These Batteries Are Commonly Used in Propeller Aircrafts This Battery is Also Used in The Eevee Supercar Fisker Karma The Construction And Working of This Battery Type is Similar To The lithium Cobalt lLp is Used as The Cathode And The Graphite is Used in The Anode With Eectric Vehicles Gaining Popularity in The Automotive Domain Batteries With Very High Specific Rnergy And Good Lifespan Are in Demand This Ked To The Invention of The Nca Batteries.

This is The Same Battery Type Which is Used in The Tesla Model 3 Cars The Construction of Nca Batteries is Very Simple Kithium Nickel Oxide Metals Which Occur Naturally Are Doped With Cobalt And Aluminum This is Done to Increase The Specific Energy And The safety rating of the Battery The Working of NC a is Similar to that of Lithium Cobalt Batteries Although These Batteries Held a Healthy Market share initially When They Were Launched They Were Slowly Being.

Expensive NM C Stands For Nickel Manganese

Replaced by NMC Batteries Which Are Much Safer And Less Expensive NM C Stands For Nickel Manganese Cobalt it is The Most Popular Battery Chemistry Used by Heavy Manufacturers as of Today These Batteries Have Also Been Around For Only a Decade And The Working of These Batteries is Very Similar To The Lithium Cobalt Batteries The Share of This Type of Battery is Expected To Expand.

Dramatically as The Sale of Evey Vehicles is Also Rising These Batteries Are Most Commonly Used in Cars Like Chevy Volt And Chevy Volt Cars as You Can See From the Charts The NMC Batteries Have a Much Higher Specific Power And Power Density as Compared to The Nca Batteries These Batteries Also Cost Much Lesser Than The NCA Batteries Along With a higher Life Cycle Period Due To These Reasons The NMC Batteries Have Been.

Widely Used in The Evey Industry The Last Type of Batteries Are The Lithium Titanate Batteries or the LT Batteries The Structure of These Batteries is Similar to Lithium Cobalt Batteries Where Graphite is Replaced By Lithium titanate oxide in the anode the Cathode Can Be Either Lithium Manganese oxide or NMC The Biggest Advantage of The inclusion of Lithium Titanate Oxide is a Huge Increase in The Charging Speed of The Battery.

This is due to the unique structure of the LTI crystals electrons can leave and enter the anode quickly as the surface area of the anode is increased the other advantage of these type of batteries is that solid electrolyte interface layer does not form this increases the life cycle of the battery the biggest downside of these batteries however is the cost lithium titanate oxide crystals are very hard to synthesize and hence their increased cost all right guys with that I would like to conclude this video I know that this was slightly a long one please let us know in the comment section about the format of this Article you guys enjoy really long Two Part Aritcal I Hope like this Article

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