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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Easy Explanation Of How Work Electric Cars Second Part

Hey guys, BengaliDost is back with How Electric Cars Work Second Part, Hope You Are Doing Well And Enjoyed our Previous Post, OK let’s explore Easy Explanation of How To Work Electric Cars .

We Can Rontinue To Read our 29.3 it'll C Through Our shunt on to the other side Still going to be Twenty nine Point three Eventually comes Through Red Wire Up to Our Controller Twenty Nine Point Three We Have our negative lead it Was Just The Block wire Comes to The Top and Then through our Little Water Here it's just one long Continuous Wire To The Controller and But The Ositive Size What Goes to all the devices for our Measurements And The Display Model Some People.

How To Work Electric Cars

Put Them on Actual on The Negatives But Either Way Depending On Your Controllers And Inputs Right now the system is engaged we have to Apply Twist to The Throttle Will actually Get Current Running to our Motor and spins at different rpms Okay Now How High you turn it up Engage is How Much Power to Fight of The Motor We can see some of this Functioning at Work here if we take a Battery Measurement at our controller it Was Twenty Nine Point Three to Four.

Twenty Nine Point Three And we apply More and More Work to The Motor it's Going to Drop The Voltage Down a Little Bit just Because it's Making the Batteries work a little bit More it's Happening it's a Chemical Reaction Passing That current Outfit it's plates and we see a little bit of a Voltage Drop Mom's Gonna be The Way a Little bit But I Think you'll be able to see this on the display Needs to go Above Here we Go You Know Right Now.

We're Twenty Nine Point Three As I Increase The Our Cams The Motor From the thrall we're Going to See This Drop Down a little bit for a little bit Further a little bit Further so we'll beat Up to a Little bit of a speed and we're at 27.3 volts go little bit faster and we're at 26 point one a little bit More Faster There's twenty four point nine and a Little Bit Further There's point four point five so you see just Like Driving along you're randomly pressing on The Problem this is bouncing up and down All the time was you Quite Driving It's Just a Function of the batteries they under low They've Dropped Down a Voltage a little Bit perfectly Natural if We Can See the Shunt in Work.

The Shunts Working By Measuring the resistance that press an own wire between two Lead points So we can see what the Voltage Drop is That Voltage drop tells us a Ratio With the Amperage is I just don't Know the Current Ratio Of This Shot But we Can Only See Two Functioning Telling us a Number Value.

You Can Hold it There One Hand Here We Go I Had to Put it To Millivolt The Reading it's Currently Measuring The Point Point One of Course I Don't Know What That is in actual Amps but it's only Suami Not as I apply more and more above as I apply More and More Twist of the Throttle input we're going to get Higher Rpms and we're going to get a higher Amperage Draw so We'll see This Number Change so As That Increases Slowly We See We're At Point Eight There is a Point Are 1.2 1.4 1.68 2 2 2 2 1 There's 2 5 2 4 F Current at the full throttle and it just bounces Up And Down Just Like The Voltage Sag does on the Battery Measurement

This is Doing The Same Thing Measuring a Million Voltage Drop and That Ratio Equates to you know however many apps you're Drawing Through a Positive Lead into The Motor Controller And That's Essentially The Basics of the Electric car of course We Can Turn off the system doesn't Matter How Much You Compress On Coil Nothing's Going to Happen We Cut The Ower Off At This Junction Box.

Right Now The Controller Has No Power To it Whatsoever That's The Basics ofTthe Electric Vehicles Components All in a little Small Display in a lot Smaller scale but that's all the Basic components so you can see That There's Not a whole Lot to This Handful of Wires connecting all the little pieces together it kind of like a One Long Daisy chain connect them all together Eventually coming to controller and That controller connects the motor of Course You'Re Going To Have Your Transmission Or You Know Your Drive Shafts On The OPP's Into.

This Input Shaft On That on a Car But That's the Electrical Oath it's All Falling to Apply The Ower to Your Motor Um I Guess that's about it if you have any questions you can Shoot And any Comments on the Aritcal we'll just Answer As we Go on and if I Get Enough Maybe I'll do Another Aritcal to Go in to Answering Some of Those Questions so Hope You Enjoyed The Aritcal.

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