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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Paragraph writing | What is Paragraph writing?

What is Paragraph writing?

A paragraph is Group Of Sentences On Some Particular Topic And The Presentation Should Be Complete And Logical. One thing I want to tell before starting, visit this Bangla Gk Blog, here Historical and currently very good article

How to Write A Paragraph?

  1. In A Paragraph, Sentence Should Be Simple, Short and Clear.
  2. There Should Be A Logical Development of Thought.
  3. A Paragraph Must Have An Introduction A Bady And A Conclusion.
  4. A Paragraph Must Include All The Given Hints.
  5. Paragraph Must Have A Title.




Points:- Introduction • locality . house, rooms, garden • members of the family . their work . neighbours • your role in the family • a temple of peace.

Human life is mostly sentimental in nature as human beings are gifted with a power of imagination. We need shelter, both physical and mental. Home provides us physical shelter. But from birth when someone is brought up in a home that very home becomes his/her mental and emotional shelter. So for each and everyone home provides pleasure and satisfaction. The area where we live in is a village. Number of rooms in our house is sufficient. With my parents I have my sister too. At the time of taking food all of us join together. At the time of reading we have our respective separate places. Our neighbours are also good and co-operative. Thus, for me my home is a perfect temple of peace.



Points:- Place • time • description of the beach your experience • your feelings after returning from the beach

A trip to any unknown place is always a beautiful thing. But when the trip is overcast with unpredictable situations, the journey becomes an exiting adventure. A couple of years ago we visited the sea beach of Vizag. It was raining heavily when we reached Vizag by train. We somehow managed to find a car to go to our pre-booked hotel. In the afternoon, when it was still raining, we decided to explore the torrential rain and huge waves were there to welcome us. The destructive mood of the sea and the entire nature made us retreat. We rushed towards the hotel. For next five days we were confined in the apparently safe and comfortable rooms of the hotel-half willing, half reluctant.



Points: Dependence of an infant on parents develops sense organs learns to speak, to walk • begins education at school and home becomes conscious about his/her identity • forms individual views about life, family, society responsible individual and citizen.

Human child much depends on others at the time of growing up. At the beginning a child cannot eat or drink, even cannot sleep without the help of parents. Gradually different sense organs develop. Then he/she can speak and walk. At the primary stage of walking, elders must assist him/her. Then becoming partly matured the child starts to go to school. There a great role is played by the teachers. So a teacher's position in a child's life is next to the parents. With the help of education a child becomes gradually conscious about his/ her own identity. Thereafter he/she forms individual views about life, family and society. Now he/she becomes a responsible citizen and individual. He/She is ready to take the responsibility of others.



SOUND POLLUTION:- Problems How Response Indiscriminate use of Effective control of loud speakers • to • horns • film songs make people aware of the dangers of sound pollution Sound pollution • serious microphones problem • crackers during festivals • strict laws

The word 'Pollution' has become a night-marish word for eane| T all the people of the world. It has snatched away our peaceful sleep. All these are caused by us because of ignorance and indifference towards it. We indiscriminately use microphones. Vehicles blow their homs without any consideration. Crackers are used by us aa a in festivals. We never think how pollutions caused by those sounds can affect others badly. Especially those who are old and patients suffer a lot due to these. To stop sound pollution, effective control of loud speaker is needed. Again, we must make common people aware of the dangers of such pollutions. To put an end to this danger, strict laws must be imposed.

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