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Friday, March 19, 2021

All In One MAadhaar App Download Update Or Change Address

India So if you have the older Aadhar card app then uninstall that immediately Because that app may cause data leak That one is not that safe I will tell you how you can use all the new features in this new Aadhar card app This time it is very difficult if you want to change your address Want to add mobile no. Because you have to go to the Aadhar card center for this Which are different types of banks Even if you go there your no.

All In One MAadhaar App

How To Use New MAadhar Card App

Wont come that easily Because many people go there And there is a token system You have to go there in the morning If you have a token then your no. will come Then your work will be get done Which take time So all these changes related to Aadhar card can be done on your phone And to do that you have to install this app So firstly go to google play store Write Maadhar app and you will get this app Lets now SEE about the features one by one So the first feature is that You can download Aadhar app through this app Which is most important Many people have done some changes in the Aadhar card And they want to download the new adhar card So that feature is given in this app To download the adhar card put your phone no. On which an OTP will come Input the OTP and get it downloaded So download adhar is something very important that you can done here Other than this the print copy of the adhar card that you get originally You have to Pay 50 Rupees for that Which includes all the taxes Pay this online and you will get the Aadhar card on your registered Aadhar card address And you can receive this and use it as a document anywhere Other than this you can do changes through your adhar card app

You get this update Aadhar card online where you can update your address Again You will receive an OTP on your phone There are some other ways too So you can update your adhar card, the details in it Whichever is incorrect All of that can be done through this app You dont have to go anywhere If you talk about other things then adhar no. is very important in itself So you can generate a 4 digit no. of the adhar card Suppose if you have to do an E-KYC somewhere Or you have to give adhar card so that your the bank doesnt close your account Or telecom provider is asking for adhar card as address proof In these cases, you dont have to give them your adhar card no.

Through this app, you can generate a 4 digit no. by putting your adhar card no. And through that code, they can retrieve the adhar card in their systems And they wont even see the Aadhar card So this is a very good feature by which you can generate a 4 digit no. of your adhar card no. You will always remember this code and it will you to do the E-KYC Also, you can have a virtual ID of the adhar card If you dont want to give them your original adhar card no. And want to give them some other ID can be generated here Which is possible in this app only Also, you get the QR code scan functionality here So you get this option here in this app too So verify adhar card option is available Suppose someone shows you an ahdar card And you want to check if its genuine or not So that can be scanned through the QR code scanner And if they are giving you the adhar card no.

That can be verified here as well And you can verify your email address if it is linked or not So verify email ID, verify mobile no. option is also given here Also, retrieve UID/ EID no. which you get at the time of adhar card enrollment can be retrieved here If you dont know your adhar card no. This feature is also given here You can also get the history of all the changes done like name and address in this app too Also,

If you want to know the enrollment center of Aadhar card This app shows that too with the help of map You can go there and get a new adhar card or get the changes done Also, the option of address validation is also given here That is the address on your adhar card is validated or not can be checked here You can also issue a validation letter which is also useful Suppose you are giving your adhar card somewhere and you need the address validation That option is also given here You can also check the current status of an adhar card if its active or not So all the features related to adhar card is given here so that you dont have to go to any bank So use this app. Get benefitted And if you face any problem Tell us that in the comment section.

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